Shifting Focus

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For those of you who have been following the journey of Royal Grey from the very beginning, you'll notice some changes. Firstly, I recently both re-vamped and simplified my website - it's cleaner, easier to navigate, and more to the point. Secondly, I've shifted gears slightly.

Royal Grey's expertise remains in fragrance -- but instead of the main focus being on individual scent styling (which is still a service that Royal Grey provides), the focus has shifted towards consulting with brands and companies that want to have or already have a fragrance element to them. 

But why the shift in focus? In retail, and especially in e-commerce, there are so many companies today that sell fragrance -- both companies that specialize in beauty and fragrance and companies that include fragrance to be well-rounded in their offerings to their customers. I saw a huge void in both kinds of companies (more on this in a later post). And the solution to that void was the coupling of my very strong business sense with my knowledge of the fragrance industry and keen sense of smell to bring my clients to the next level when it comes to business.

Do these companies offer the best possible selection of fragrances for their customers and their needs? Are the options for fragrance easily navigable? Are sales numbers as strong as they can be for their fragrance vertical?

These are all areas for which Royal Grey provides solutions through strategic consulting and advisement in areas of Branding, Buying, Sales and Marketing, and more based on my clients' business needs.

Lastly, Royal Grey is officially an LLC! The success of the business is a dream come true and is a product of the perseverence, patience, and hard work I've put into this passion of mine. Thank you all for following me in this journey! There is a lot happening soon!

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