Scenting Modes of Transportation

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With a recent surge in my travels both domestically and internationally, I've been very aware (even more than usual) about the scents around me - both good and bad - that I encounter en route to my destinations. It's been planes, trains, and automobiles (and boats) for me to/in 8 different cities the past 2 months. And I must say, it's been really interesting to see if/how spaces have been scented... but it's been even more interesting to realize the opportunities that haven't been touched.


I've talked about using scent as a tool to extend one's brand before here. And we've seen this idea of branding through scent come to life most notably in the hotel space. But why don't we see this used more elsewhere?


I've had the pleasure of being aboard the Queen Mary 2 by Cunard that has beautifully scented public spaces hallways leading to guest quarters. But do other big cruise companies (luxury or not) utilize scent aboard their ships? I was also aboard a smaller harbor boat cruise for an event - and the boat scented its space with multiple plug-in air-fresheners. It was interesting to see that kind of care taken on a smaller boat, but of course the air freshener scent was generic and somewhat off-putting.


Train and Subway cars - why can't they be scented? Train and subway cars are used daily (in cities that have rail systems), packed during rush hour, and in NYC at least, are permeated with horrific smells whether in the sweltering summers or bone-chilling winters. Imagine a subway ride where once your train arrives, the door opens, and you are greeted with an inviting, invigorating, yet comforting scent that gets you ready for the day ahead? Wouldn't that be wonderful?


Planes. Last year, Iberia Airlines announced that it would create and utilize its signature scent throughout its fleet and lounge spaces. Why aren't more airlines doing this? Wouldn't you rather smell something other than that horrible "airplane smell"?

I'd love to see more beautifully scented modes of transportation - something that would be recognizable but not overpowering. There are so many opportunities to incorporate scent into our everyday lives, and by doing so, our surroundings and our somewhat mundane routines may become just a little bit more pleasant and bright!

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