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I recently headed back to LA to scent style a baby shower in honor of Jennifer of Heart + Camera. Scenting events is something that has become another natural path for me and another set of services that Royal Grey provides. After working with several business establishments and spaces including hotels and retail boutiques to scent their spaces, I thought it only natural to include scenting events as part of Royal Grey's services. I've previously written about how branding through scent can be beneficial for your business. Well, many of the same reasons apply to scenting events. There are so many possibilities and so much potential for this area as it relates to fragrance and scent.


This was how I came to decide on how I would scent style this beautiful Baby Shower...


Know the Venue and Design Concept:


For this specific event, I worked with Jacqueline of EDE by Jacqueline to understand the style and design concept of this baby shower which was to be held at The Unique Space in Downtown LA. The theme was going to be "Urban Chic" -- incorporating green and white floral accents, the wood and brick of the beautiful loft space of the venue, and gray neutrals all over. Jennifer is keeping the sex of the baby a surprise, so the neutrals and overall design concept were perfect.


Know Your Audience: 


This was going to be an intimate event with roughly 25 women of all ages. But of course, the most important person I needed to keep in mind was Jennifer, the mama-to-be. She, like many pregnant women, has been very sensitive to strong scents during her pregnancy, so I needed to be mindful of this while thinking about what scent/scent profile to incorporate.


How to Scent?


There are many options here... Do you use technology that emits fragrance -- either on its own or through the space/venue's HVAC system? Do you use already existing scented products and goods? Do you create a unique and signature scent? Time and budget are, of course, factors in answering these questions. For Jennifer's Baby Shower, however, we wanted to use candles to compliment and enhance the decor. We wanted candles to be as beautiful as the scent they emitted. So we went the route of using already existing scented products.


The Result:


After taking the time to understand the venue, the event, the design concept, the florals, the audience, and most importantly, Jennifer's needs, I decided that I wanted to use diptyque's beautiful candles and room spray in the beautiful figuier scent to scent style this event. The greens and woods of figuier reflected and enhanced the floral decor and design concept, while the elegance and subtlety of the scent met the needs of the pregnant mama-to-be. And of course diptyque's beautiful and simple branding and packaging in black and white worked beautifully with the neutral color scheme. 


Overall, there was great conversation around the brand, the candles, and the scent as no one had seen or experienced a scented event before. Scent adds a beautiful and unique touch to any event. It can mirror, accent, and embody the event in ways that nothing else can. And most of all, scent enhances the event's experience for the event's attendees.


If you'd like to enhance your next event through the power and beauty of scent, contact us here 

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