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Friends from all over are having babies right now. While there is nothing that can replicate that beautiful newborn baby scent, I wanted to dedicate a post on my favorite scents for the nursery. As a mother, you can use these scents for the nursery to anchor this beautiful and amazing time in your life in your memory. And even better, these scents come beautifully packaged so you can use them as beautiful decorative accents for your baby's nursery.

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Antica Farmacista's 'Baby' Home Ambiance Perfume


This fragrance is simply elegant. The subtle blend of sheer floral notes, peach, citrus, and a touch of vanilla makes Baby by Antica Farmacista the perfect accent in any nursery.


Alora Ambiance's Bimbi


Bimbi is a more playful take on the nursery scent. Notes of lavender, rose, chamomile, and bergamot create a beautiful subtle blend of brightness and innocence.

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Le Labo's Baby Ambrette 9


While this isn't fragrance created for the home, you can spray a little bit of this baby goodness in any nursery. Notes of ambrette grain, citrus, and fruit are blended together to create a musky, soft, and fresh scent that's perfect for the modern, hip, mom.

I hope that all you mothers out there can mark this beautiful time in your lives with a scent in your baby or babies' nursery. As I always say, it's the perfect olfactive and decorative accent that will make your special moments with your babies that much more special.

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