New Year, Stay You

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Well here we are in 2017. How did 2016 fly by so quickly? It's been quite a while since I wrote last, so I wanted to start the New Year off with a message in which I believe whole-heartedly: No matter what, STAY YOU.  


The beginning of a new year (for many) starts off bright and hopeful with promises of great change, renewal, and fresh starts. Growth and self improvement goals -- in specific and achievable ways -- are always important. It is equally, if not more, important, however, to stay true to the core of who you are and to embrace what makes you unique. And where it concerns your business, do the same. I say this because more and more, everywhere I turn, I'm seeing "copycat culture."


Sure, this "copycat culture" is probably because of social media as a growing tool for business marketing and branding. But still. I'm seeing the same color palettes, the same design motifs, the same kind of cursive type font, the same kind of photo styling among other things being used by a lot of people. The result is that everything starts looking the same, and your business loses what makes it different and memorable in the eyes of your target market. 


Let's be trend setters. Not trend followers... actually forget trends. Let's create lasting impressions for the long term that are built upon your business's brand and unique angle. Be classic and authentic, and in time, this strategy will pay off.


So cheers to another year of success and growth and prosperity. And remember, New Year, Stay you.

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    writing service (Tuesday, 11 April 2017 08:19)

    Thank you for doing this. I am not affected, but it really heartens me to see people reaching out and supporting their fellow human beings in times like this. If I can be of any help, please let me know.

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    Master Paper Writers (Thursday, 06 July 2017 13:39)

    The start of an additional year begins off fine and cheerful with guarantee of unbelievable change, recharging, and new beginnings.

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