Iconic 90s Fragrances

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I wanted to create a digital hub of our favorite iconic fragrances from the 90s and connect you with ways to purchase them today (even if they've been discontinued). The 90s were a time of many great things -- fashion, music, movies, tv shows, etc... but we also saw the birth of some notable fragrances. 


Whether high end or mass, scents of the 90s are unforgettable because unlike present times, the fragrance industry was not oversaturated and there was never an expectation of a constant flow of new releases. A new fragrance release was a big deal and garnered a lot of attention because 1) they didn't happen often and 2) the retail environment and shopping experience was completely different from what they are today (i.e. pre-internet). Each fragrance created in the 90s was truly unforgettable.


I hope that by spending some time on the site, you can reunite with fragrances that you remember well, you can re-discover fragrances that you completely forgot about, and most of all, I hope that overall, memories of your life in the 90s come flooding back to you. After all, scent is the strongest trigger of memory. Hope you enjoy!


Take a look around my special digital hub: https://90sfragrances.blogspot.com/

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