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- for potential clients · January 24, 2018
When working with my clients, many of them are surprised to learn about all of the factors that go into the art of selling fragrance and scented goods. This is especially true for those businesses that don't necessarily specialize in fragrance and scented goods, but offer them as part of their offerings to their customers.
- for potential clients · April 27, 2017
Whether you're looking to create and launch a fragrance brand, a candle line, or anything scent-related, Royal Grey can help to help bring your vision to life. We help to support your product development needs and ensure a quality, luxury final product. If you're inspired, let's bring your vision to life.

- for potential clients · June 18, 2015
You hear it all the time; There's nothing more important than customer service. And it's so true. I don't know if it's because I've spent many years in the luxury service industries or if it's because I've traveled all over the world in many types of situations, but I pay great attention to customer service - both from the provider and receiver's perspectives.
- for potential clients · May 26, 2015
Fragrance is a great tool with which to extend one's brand. Not only does fragrance enhance the environment and ambiance of a place of business (i.e. a hotel or retail location), but it also creates an instant trigger that a customer or guest can use to link a specific scent with certain (and hopefully pleasant) memories or experiences. All of these reasons together support the concept of 'Scent Branding.'

- for potential clients · March 24, 2015
Last night, I was watching a Fiat commercial and had made a passing comment about how I liked Fiat's new model - the 500x. I like how it is completely on brand with the look and feel of Fiat, but it is a natural transition into the larger, more SUV - type automobile. My comment then sparked a conversation/discussion/debate about how brands have grown and why it's been successful (or not) for them.
- for potential clients · March 11, 2015
In the business world today, I have experienced, read about, and heard about way too many companies that are not being run the right way. So you might be saying that there is no one 'right way' to run a company -- and this is true. However, running a company the smart way will always be the right way. The smart way will never fail you. And too many companies are not being smart. Why? There are a few reasons for this...

- for potential clients · February 18, 2015
For those of you who have been following the journey of Royal Grey from the very beginning, you'll notice some changes. Firstly, I recently both re-vamped and simplified my website - it's cleaner, easier to navigate, and more to the point. Secondly, I've shifted gears slightly. Royal Grey's expertise remains in fragrance...