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Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most special events of your lifetime, and Royal Grey can help to make your wedding day even more special in unique ways through the beauty and power of scent. Scent is the strongest trigger of memory, so in addition to your photographs and video, let the power of scent create lasting memories of your wedding day.


Luxury Candles  ||  Creation of luxury bespoke candles 

  • Choose between Made in France or Made in the USA
  • Choose and/or Create type of scent, vessel, labeling, artwork, packaging
  • Give as wedding favors, gifts for your bridal party, and other gifting ideas
  • Use as part of your wedding décor throughout your wedding venue

Other Luxury Scented Goods Possibilities: Perfume, Room Fragrance Spray, Room Fragrance Diffuser, etc...



Scent Your Wedding  || Complement the visual wedding décor

  • Create a signature scent for your wedding day
  • Tastefully diffuse your signature scent throughout your venue(s) through the use of diffusing technology


  • Create and establish a scenting strategy for your wedding through the use of already existing luxury scented products (candles, room fragrance, diffusers)
  • Use existing luxury scented products to tastefully scent your venue(s)



If you are interested in incorporating scent on your wedding day, we'd love to hear from you. You can contact us here.