Working with Royal Grey

Brands and Companies 

  • Creation of Fragrance and Scented Goods.
  • Scent Styling Spaces (Retail, Hotel, etc...)
  • Scent Styling Events and Experiences.
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Advisement
  • Buying/Merchandising Support
  • Training Support
  • Launching Support 
  • Fragrance and Scent Development for Scented Goods Brands.
  • Private Events and Experiences.


  • Creation of Personally Branded Fragrance and Scented Goods as Gifts or Favors.
  • Scent Styling Private Homes and Estates
  • Scenting Private and Special Events.
  • Private Individual Consultations

We can also make your wedding day an even more beautiful and unique experience for you and your guests. Read more about this here.

For Pricing and General Inquiries, please contact us here.